Slim 34 kilos in six months: staff fattened to show how to lose weight

Weight loss is not always easy. Especially when the person is very overweight and feels discouraged and uninspired to pursue healthier habits. But for those who work in health and fitness, this difficulty does not always make sense. It was in thinking that the American personal trainer Drew Manning decided to enter a radical project: he gained 34 pounds for six months and then lost them again in another six months.

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The idea was to prove that it is always possible to get in shape. In practice, he has better discovered the difficulties his overweight students have experienced, understood the point of view of those who want to reduce measures and can not, and has shown that slimming is a real and possible goal.

Drew’s experience was shared from the beginning on the blog “Fit2Fat2Fit” and later published in the book “Win for loss” (Editora Agir), best seller of The New York Times. He says that even before becoming personal he was addicted to physical exercise. So I believed that anyone could lose weight. “For me, it was a simple choice, habits that can be broken.I did not understand how difficult it was to get away from the greasy foods and the comfort of the sofa.I was frustrated to see that people exchanged the welfare for a cheeseburger “He says.
It was then that he decided to stop exercising and eating healthily. After getting fat, insecurities began to appear, the feeling of having your body judged by others and the fear of failure can not eliminate all that weight. In addition, weight gain has affected not only your body, but your marriage, family relationships and with friends. “Gaining weight changes the will to do normal things, such as playing with children, getting off the couch or helping with household chores. It is a physical and emotional barrier,” he says.

Changing habits
The process of weight loss was harder than Drew had imagined at first. Some foods were addictive and it was difficult to leave them behind again. “I had, of my own volition, forced my body to accept the typical diet of overweight Americans. Now, the struggle between what I should eat and what I wanted to eat, came to dominate each meal,” he explains.

Another thing that became clear to him was in relation to physical activities. “If I, who had just gotten fat, was afraid of going up a flight of stairs, how did my obese clients feel when I put them in a series of crunches and sit-ups in front of spectators who did not support them at the gym?”

How to lose weight
According to Drew, although it is important to exercise, the key to losing weight is definitely what you eat. So he decided, first, to focus on new eating habits and to include in the routine only basic strengthening and stretching exercises. “I’m not talking about following the fad diet, but about a nutritional change in lifestyle. I focus on the following aspects: I drink lots of water and try to choose foods rich in fiber and protein, with few carbohydrates and minimally processed. The metabolism and keep it accelerated, I also try to eat every three hours, “he says.

In a month following this lifestyle he was able to lose nine pounds, reduced 5% of body fat and increased his energy to follow up on weight loss and follow an exercise routine. “The choice of physical activity should be based on individual preferences, because there will come a time when you will not want to spend the time and effort required, and if you are not interested in what you are doing, you will certainly give up.”

Another tip is to ‘confuse’ the body by changing the exercise routine every two to four weeks. “Varying the devices, the weights, the intensity, will force the body to readjust. The more you prevent it from accommodating, the more energy it will expend, resulting in greater weight loss and increased muscle mass.”

How to lose the last kilos
However, after the initial phase of weight loss, came the most difficult phase: eliminate the last few pounds that were missing. “After losing 10, 20 or 30 pounds, we need something other than a balanced diet and proper exercise,” he says.

He says the key to winning those last few pounds is not to obsess over the scale or tape measure, but to reflect on how your goals fit into your lifestyle and try to introduce them into your day-to-day life. “Losing weight is not just about restrictive diets and exercise. It has to do with making the right choices every day and believing they will make us happy and healthy for well beyond the schedule,” he says.


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