According to nutritionists, including some key foods on the menu can help in the fight against the scales.

You have decided that you want to eliminate a few pounds and then you should come to the head with a list of what you can not eat. Sweets, fried foods or fatty foods enter into this relationship. But there is also the other side. Nutritionists separate tips for losing weight and include a list of good foods, those that will help you reach the ideal weight.

One of the best tips for weight loss experts is not to embark on crazy or fad diets. According to Patrícia Cruz, a behavioral nutritionist, if you stop eating something you like for a long time, later you will end up overdoing it to sate and fatally fatten up. The ideal is to seek a reeducation of food.

With this, those who want to lose weight will lose weight in a healthy way, while not consuming any important nutrients and balancing the menu. More caloric and fatty foods should be avoided, but it is even possible to consume one or the other in moderation. One tip, for example, is to leave one day of the week to eat a sweet that you like very much.
And there are also those foods that are friends of the diet, which will bring satiety, help the process of weight loss and supply the needs of the body, after all, a low calorie diet, but empty in terms of nutrients, is not good.

1. Milk
It is a source of calcium, and such a substance helps to burn fat and even helps prevent weight gain;
2. Chestnuts
It is good fat source and provides energy to the body. Use it in snacks between meals, but do not overdo it.
3. Dry Damascus
Do you know that desire to eat sweet? Dried apricot can help control it. It is a source of fiber as well. Consume after the meal, as a light dessert and sweet.
4. Porridge
How about wagering on porridge with flaked oats and skim milk to start the day? The preparation has low fat and many fibers, with this, will leave you satiated. To complete, increase with a serving of fruit.
5. Whole-grain breads reduced in fat and sugar
This food is a carbohydrate source and can be consumed before training in the gym, for example. As they have reduced levels of fat and sugar, they are also released for breakfast or dinner. Just is not worth exaggerating. How about a slice when you want to put it in the meal?
Studies also indicate that it is a mistake to cut the carbohydrate from food. This nutrient is a source of energy for the brain. Without it, there is the risk of feeling tired, unwell and even at a slightly slower pace. See more details on how a lack of carbohydrate can put your brain at risk.
6. Herbal teas
They help in moisturizing and warm up if it’s winter. Try not to sweeten yourself so you do not add more calories into your diet.
7. Egg
Source of protein and fat and easy to prepare. One tip for slimming is to “fry” the egg in the water. To do this, use a nonstick skillet and place the egg when it is very hot. Season with salt and add a tablespoon of water. Cover and cook.
More food can also enter this list of tips to lose weight, as nutritionist Larissa Paiva and nutritionist Cristiane Coelho:
8. Coconut oil
Good order to accompany salads and fruit. Served cold, it keeps the anti-oxidant action. This oil has fat, but it is easily transformed into energy and does not accumulate in the body
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9. Quinoa
It has easier digestion than other cereals. It helps in the diet because, being rich in fibers, causes a slower release of glucose and brings satiety (when you have a glucose peak, soon after you will feel hungry again)
10. Red fruits
Like the dried apricot, they saw great desserts. They are low in calories and have several benefits, such as helping immunity and preventing heart problems.
11. Fish
Excellent protein for the diet. When compared to red meat, it has less saturated fat, fewer calories and more nutrients. Bet on those rich in omega-3s, like salmon or sardines. This helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and still contributes to the loss of abdominal fat when related to a physical activity.
12. Apple
There is an American saying that says to eat an apple a day to keep the doctors away (eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away). And that makes perfect sense. This fruit helps in weight control, as well as being good for the heart and bowel. It has pectin fibers, which form a gelatin that sticks to toxins and fats and helps eliminate all of this from the body.
In addition to knowing which foods are allied to the diet, nutritionists remember other important points for a healthy and balanced diet. One is hydration. For the proper functioning of the body you need to keep your body hydrated, whether on hot days or in the coldest winter temperatures. “Water is an excellent ally in the fight against poisoning, because besides helping to eliminate toxins, it also helps in hydration,” adds Patrícia Cruz. The indication to know how much to drink of water is to follow the following calculation: around 30 to 35 ml of water / kg of weight / day.
Maria Fernanda Kawabata, a clinical and sports nutritionist and partner of Sucão, still indicates some moisturizing juices. You can choose to prepare with pineapple, mint, lemon, ginger, watermelon, strawberry, carrot and coconut water. Besides helping in hydration, they also act in the replacement of mineral salts that are, for example, lost during physical activity.
However, these beverages do not replace water consumption – and always changing the water by the juice is pointed out as an error in the diets by the nutritionist Patrícia Cruz.
To complete, Patrícia also indicates to maintain a regular schedule for the meals.
In addition to these tips to lose weight, it is important to do physical activity to ward off physical inactivity and get in shape. The physical educator Cau Saad lists the best exercises for those who want to burn calories and lose weight.


Slim 34 kilos in six months: staff fattened to show how to lose weight

Weight loss is not always easy. Especially when the person is very overweight and feels discouraged and uninspired to pursue healthier habits. But for those who work in health and fitness, this difficulty does not always make sense. It was in thinking that the American personal trainer Drew Manning decided to enter a radical project: he gained 34 pounds for six months and then lost them again in another six months.

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The idea was to prove that it is always possible to get in shape. In practice, he has better discovered the difficulties his overweight students have experienced, understood the point of view of those who want to reduce measures and can not, and has shown that slimming is a real and possible goal.

Drew’s experience was shared from the beginning on the blog “Fit2Fat2Fit” and later published in the book “Win for loss” (Editora Agir), best seller of The New York Times. He says that even before becoming personal he was addicted to physical exercise. So I believed that anyone could lose weight. “For me, it was a simple choice, habits that can be broken.I did not understand how difficult it was to get away from the greasy foods and the comfort of the sofa.I was frustrated to see that people exchanged the welfare for a cheeseburger “He says.
It was then that he decided to stop exercising and eating healthily. After getting fat, insecurities began to appear, the feeling of having your body judged by others and the fear of failure can not eliminate all that weight. In addition, weight gain has affected not only your body, but your marriage, family relationships and with friends. “Gaining weight changes the will to do normal things, such as playing with children, getting off the couch or helping with household chores. It is a physical and emotional barrier,” he says.

Changing habits
The process of weight loss was harder than Drew had imagined at first. Some foods were addictive and it was difficult to leave them behind again. “I had, of my own volition, forced my body to accept the typical diet of overweight Americans. Now, the struggle between what I should eat and what I wanted to eat, came to dominate each meal,” he explains.

Another thing that became clear to him was in relation to physical activities. “If I, who had just gotten fat, was afraid of going up a flight of stairs, how did my obese clients feel when I put them in a series of crunches and sit-ups in front of spectators who did not support them at the gym?”

How to lose weight
According to Drew, although it is important to exercise, the key to losing weight is definitely what you eat. So he decided, first, to focus on new eating habits and to include in the routine only basic strengthening and stretching exercises. “I’m not talking about following the fad diet, but about a nutritional change in lifestyle. I focus on the following aspects: I drink lots of water and try to choose foods rich in fiber and protein, with few carbohydrates and minimally processed. The metabolism and keep it accelerated, I also try to eat every three hours, “he says.

In a month following this lifestyle he was able to lose nine pounds, reduced 5% of body fat and increased his energy to follow up on weight loss and follow an exercise routine. “The choice of physical activity should be based on individual preferences, because there will come a time when you will not want to spend the time and effort required, and if you are not interested in what you are doing, you will certainly give up.”

Another tip is to ‘confuse’ the body by changing the exercise routine every two to four weeks. “Varying the devices, the weights, the intensity, will force the body to readjust. The more you prevent it from accommodating, the more energy it will expend, resulting in greater weight loss and increased muscle mass.”

How to lose the last kilos
However, after the initial phase of weight loss, came the most difficult phase: eliminate the last few pounds that were missing. “After losing 10, 20 or 30 pounds, we need something other than a balanced diet and proper exercise,” he says.

He says the key to winning those last few pounds is not to obsess over the scale or tape measure, but to reflect on how your goals fit into your lifestyle and try to introduce them into your day-to-day life. “Losing weight is not just about restrictive diets and exercise. It has to do with making the right choices every day and believing they will make us happy and healthy for well beyond the schedule,” he says.

Get Involved in Plastic a Great Way to Lose Weight

Get Involved in Plastic a Great Way to Lose Weight
For many decades different tricks and techniques have been practiced to improve results when it comes to losing weight and modeling the look. Weight loss creams, surgical procedures, juices, gels, injections or massages, among others, are just a small part of the methods that aim to help eliminate the fat that prevents us from having the desired body.

In addition to the ones we have mentioned, there is a very popular method that can increase the body’s ability to burn calories and fat: it involves wrapping the body with plastic to increase body temperature at the time of exercise, and thus boost results.

This practice is widely used in cosmetic clinics and many women also use it at home to take full advantage of it. By covering the areas of the body with plastic, we increase blood circulation, the function of the sweat glands and increases the ability to eliminate toxins and all harmful substances that cause damage to the body.

How to use plastic for this purpose may vary, as there are a few tricks to further improve the results. In this article, we will share two very effective methods that promote weight loss, detoxification and the reduction of cellulite.

Engage with honey
This method consists of preparing a homemade reducing cream to improve results when it comes to wrapping the body with plastic.

You will need
1/2 cup honey
1 egg yolk
A few drops of citrus essential oil
How to do it?
Put the honey in a pan and heat it in a water bath. When it is hot, add the remaining ingredients and stir until everything is well incorporated.
With a brush or a brush, apply the mixture to areas such as the arms, thighs and abdomen, and then wrap them in plastic wrap.
Cover the areas with a warm coat or blanket and lie down for one hour. After that time, remove the plastic and finally rinse the remains of the mixture.

Getting involved with clay is one of the most efficient methods to combat cellulite and eliminate fat. It is recommended to use blue clay, since it has a large number of microelements that have a positive effect on the skin.

You will need
Blue clay
Hot water
How to do it?
Put the hot water in a smaller amount than the blue clay and mix until you get a creamy texture.
Apply to desired body parts, wrap with plastic, cover with warm clothing and leave on for one hour. For best results, it is recommended to do some physical exercises while waiting for the time to pass.
Perform this procedure at least twice a week to notice results in a short time. The result will be a slimmer body and the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks.

Benefits of these methods of losing weight
Getting involved in plastic two or three times a week, especially when it comes to practicing exercise, increases your ability to lose weight, and we can eliminate up to a pound a week whenever healthy eating is maintained at the same time.
The plastic film is very economical and easy to acquire in any supermarket.
Versatile treatment that allows you to wrap different parts of the body.
The plastic increases sweat, which indicates that more calories are burned.
Improves skin health, combats cellulite and may even reduce stretch marks.